Zaytuna College

At Zaytuna College, we strive to revive the liberal arts tradition that was foundational for both the Western and the Islamic civilizations. The liberal arts include the qualitative arts, known as the trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric), and the quantitative arts, known as the quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, harmonics, and astronomy). These seven arts comprise the core of a holistic educational experience that prepares the mind for any worthy endeavor. We aim to restore these lost tools of learning and prepare intellectually and morally grounded lifelong learners who are oriented to truth, goodness, and beauty.

Zaytuna College Bookstore

The Zaytuna College Bookstore, in many ways, serves as a microcosm of Zaytuna, a means by which supporters can engage with the ideas and lessons inspired by the College curriculum at their own pace and from any distance. The curated bookstore guides the seeker of knowledge in their intellectual and spiritual journey, knowing that each text on the shelves is selected for its appropriateness to the topic.

12000 Strong

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said that a group of 12,000 believers will not be defeated for lack of numbers. It is on this prophetic promise that Zaytuna College has founded its monthly giving program. By the grace of God and the consistent support of our members, the 12000 Strong program serves as a cornerstone for the College’s operational funds. Zaytuna aims to develop a community of learning for its supporters, and the book club is one such means where the hearts that have been steadfast in their support can come together in the spirit of seeking knowledge.
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